Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Work Style: Sheinside skirt and mint top



Top: Macy's (similar) // Skirt: Sheinside // Shoes: Guess via DSW // Bag: Forever 21 (similar) // Necklace: Stella & Dot // Bracelets: Stella & Dot (1, 2), Gift from my dad, Macy's

One of the great things about being in the blogging world and reading so many blogs is finding out about so many different stores and shops. Not only for myself, but for my kids as well. We all want that one of kind piece that no one else is wearing, in your daily life that is. I have been wanting to try out since seeing a few outfits on other bloggers. And I've been on the midi skirt kick lately. I decided to order 2 skirts from them. I fell in love with this skirt as soon as I took it out of the box. The color and pattern is great, the length is perfect and fit just right. I find them to be true to size even though some comments said they run a bit small. The material is thin, and I do have to wear a slip underneath. Overall, I am pleased with this skirt!

Have you heard of Sheinside? Would you recommend them to others if you have bought from them?

Have a great Wednesday!

* This is not a sponsored post. I like trying out new brands and like to discuss them on my blog for others to try.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Recipe Tuesday: Healthy toddler meals

Ground turkey and avocado.
Cook lean ground turkey in a little bit of olive oil. Add spices of your choice. We like to use salt, pepper and some garlic.

Grilled chicken and broccoli and cheese

          Ava loving it! This was also the same day she drank whole milk from her straw sippy cup and never looked back. Good bye pink bottles. Yay!

We are trying different cups with Aiden until we find the perfect one for him.

Hard boiled egg and green beans
I just added a little bit of light salt to both.

Aiden was not to sure about this.

Ava on the other hand, loves every finger food we give her!

These are a couple of healthy and simple toddler meals. There are a ton out there, especially on Pinterest. Ava loves to eat and feed herself. Aiden prefers pureed food and we make it a bit chunkier for him.

Other easy to make and easy to grasp for small fingers foods:

Rice and mashed potatoes
Pasta and ground turkey
Homemade cheese pizza
Angel hair pasta with a little bit of butter
Chicken and peas
Ground turkey and black beans
Cheese Quesadillas

Any other items you are feeding your one year olds? Please share in the comments. I would love to try new things for the twins.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Work Style: Pink polka dots

Top: Old Navy // Jacket: Loft (old, similar) // Skirt: Eshakti // Shoes: Steve Madden via Marshalls // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff via Marshalls // Necklace: Stella & Dot // Bracelets: Stella & Dot

Happy Monday!
I'm back with a polka dot look for you today. Pink and polka dots are definitely my new favorite combination! And I'm also back with another Eshakti midi skirt. It flatters, and it's long enough for my busy lifestyle. I wore it to work here, and I have also worn it to church, styled a little differently.

It has been a busy couple weeks, but now that the summer is winding down, I'm hoping to blog a bit more.

I hope you guys have a great Monday!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Baby news: Letter to Aiden

Dear Aiden,
My sweet baby boy. We can't believe you are ONE! You were our smallest baby, and you are our youngest one too. You have come a long way this past year. Mommy's instinct has always been to protect you. And now we are watching you grow into a little boy and not a baby anymore. You are not afraid of much. You are so confident, and love having fun. Everything makes you giggle. And we love to hear your sweet little laugh. You love to yell to get attention and starting to talk so you can express your joy for things. You do not like to sit still, so we always have to find ways to entertain you. You love giving wet kisses and even bed time can turn into a burst of giggles with you.

Our hope, like your sister and brother, is that you love The Lord with all your heart. We will raise you to know Him, and know the Truth. We know that God will use your love for life for greatness. Watching you grow reminds me so much of your older brother. Both of you have such a joy for life with such great confidence! We are so grateful that God blessed us with another little miracle in you.

We love you Aiden. Our little prince, our baby boy, our total joy. You make our family complete and we thank God each day for you!

Mommy and Daddy

Baby news: Letter to Ava

Dear Ava,
I can't believe you are ONE! Where did the time go? Most days I am still amazed that God blessed us with you. We have a long story to tell you about mommy's long hospital stay to keep you and your twin bother safe in her tummy. It was a long journey but the Lord was faithful through it all! We have loved watching you grow this past year. You are headstrong, and have been since the beginning. You know what you want, and you go get it! You are the little girl mommy always wanted. How did we get so blessed?! I love watching you and daddy interact. You love playing "rough" with daddy and your 2 brothers. But daddy does not realize yet how wrapped around his finger you are. You love hugs and kisses and are a gilry girl already. You love having your hair fixed, and most days you want to brush it yourself. You love wearing bows and surprisingly not taking them off any more. You are scared of new people and will cling to mommy to feel safe. You do not like new situations, but your twin brother helps you get used to new places, and then you relax and have fun. You love to explore and try out new toys.

Our hope is that you love The Lord with all your little heart. Life will have hardships, but your faith in The Lord will carry your through the tough times. We promised Him that we will raise you (and your brothers) to love and to honor God. He will guide you, and use your headstrong personality for so much greatness!

We love you baby girl, our sweet princess! You are everything we ever dreamed when we prayed for a little girl! We can't wait to watch you grow into a beautiful little lady.

Mommy and Daddy

Baby News: 12 months

Aiden got his first haircut on his actual birthday. He looks like a big little boy!

Ava and Aiden at Stomping Grounds for their birthday.

Ava standing for the first time! Good thing I'm always taking pictures : )

Aiden loving it!

And yes, Ava too!

Looking like such a big girl!

This is as good as we could do with their 12 months sticker!

12 months!

She was not sure about her candle.

Aiden on the other hand, went straight for the candle.


Weight and height: She was about 18 lbs 5 oz and 29 in long.

Eating: She drinks 4 bottles of formula at about 7 oz each. She is still drinking every 4 hours, and eating 3 meals a day, snacks, and juice (mostly with water). She loves whole milk! We started mixing it with formula a couple weeks before turning 1 and had no issues. She also started drinking milk out her Zoli straw cup (7/19/14) and had no problem! She eats yogurt or banana for breakfast, and fruit/veggies with chicken for lunch/ dinner. She is starting to eat more "table" food and is a great eater.

Sleeping: She sleeps after her 730pm bottle until 730am or so. She is still sleeping in her play pen downstairs in our bedroom by herself. We let both babies nap together this past weekend and they did great. We eventually want them sleeping in the same room again, so we are transitioning back to that.

Schedule: 730-8am Bottle
9am Fruit or yogurt and a little bit of apple juice and water
10-11am Nap
12pm Lunch (veggie/chicken and fruit)
1230 pm Bottle
1-3pm Nap
4pm Bottle
6pm Dinner (veggies or fruit)
7pm Bath
715pm Bottle
730pm-7am Sleep

Clothes: She is wearing 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers. She has the smallest feet ever (it seems). She wears a size 3 in shoes.

Social: She is loves to talk, but still very guarded with other people. She has said mama, tete (bottle), papa, up, bye, hi, ball, Aiden, vroom vroom (car noise). She also learned to shake her head "no". And means it! She loves floor time and playing with her twin brother. Or taking toys away from him or walking on top of him to get somewhere.

Developmental: She stood on her own for the first time on her actual birthday (7/9/14). She has been standing more but only for a few seconds at a time. She can hold her straw sippy cup with both hands, pick up food and feed herself. She can climb stairs and can climb into a small chair.

Likes: The water! Reading, singing and playing patty cake. Getting her way and shaking her head no at you. She likes her dolls, balls and cars.

Health: She caught Hand, Foot, Mouth disease from her birthday party : ( Luckily, it was a very mild case. No fever or fussiness. Just blisters on her bottom and her legs, feet and some on her hands. She did great after her 4 shots on 7/18/14.


Weight and height: He weighs 17 lbs 15 oz and is 28 3/4 in long. He's my little guy, but he's on the charts : )

Eating: He drinks 4 bottles of formula at about 7 oz each. He is drinking every 4 hours. He is still drinking from his bottle. He ends up playing with the sippy cup, and we need him to get all the calories he can get! He drinks whole milk with one scoop of formula. He drinks it all with the formula in there. Eats 3 meals a day, snacks and juice (mostly with water). He prefers pureed (we keep eat a bit chunky for him) than table food.

Sleeping: He sleeps after his 730pm bottle until 7am or so. He is sleeping much better at night. Yay! Since he is sleeping in the nursery by himself, we will let him cry it out. But he has been sleeping all night for the most part. He will take about 2 naps a day between 1- 1 1/2 hrs a nap. Sometimes it's one long one.

Schedule: 730-8am Bottle
9am Fruit or yogurt, half apple juice and half water
10-11am Nap (He is a better napper but times do vary)
12pm Lunch (veggie/chicken and fruit)
1230pm Bottle
1-3pm Nap
4pm Bottle
6pm Dinner (Veggie)
7pm Bath
715pm Bottle
730pm-7am Sleep

Clothes: He is wearing 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers. He wears size 4 shoes.

Social: Still loves to talk (babble) to everyone. Saying papa, mama, agua (water) and babbling a lot. He is a screamer and will scream to get our attention. Still working on that one! He is not shy and will thrive in new situations. Loves to socialize with others.

Developmental: Crawling on all fours at super fast speed now. Cruising along furniture and almost standing on his own. Can grasp food and feed himself. Will wave back to anyone who says hi or bye to him.

Likes: Still loving the water. Playing and finding new toys to play with. Puzzles and stacking toys. Loves his grandpas. Wants mommy's attention at all times. He is obsessed with balls! Loves them all: football, soccer, basketball, golf. He has a great selection to pick from :)

Health: He caught Hand, Foot, Mouth disease right after Ava. Luckily, like Ava, it was a very mild case. No fever or fussiness. Just blisters on his bottom and his legs, feet and some on his hands.
He finally got off of Prevacid at about 11 1/2 months! He still gets a couple of hurtful burps, but doing so great : )

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Birthday Style: Mickey and Minnie Twins' Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning the twins' First Birthday party. I knew I wanted to do Mickey and Minnie, but wanted to stick to the polka dot theme as well. I loved how everything turned out! I always enjoy doing as much as I can for the kids' birthday parties instead of doing the general themes. I get tons of ideas on Pinterest and Etsy and pull things together. One tip is to start doing things early. I start planning about 2 months before to give plenty of time to plan and buy things little by little.

It was such a great day, even with the Texas July heat. The babies loved all the attention and loved birthday cake! We served hamburgers and hot dogs that B grilled for us. And we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the older kids. We celebrated with our (huge) families and great friends. We feel so blessed to have shared such a special day with loved ones. And I still can't believe my little babies are ONE! How time flies. And I really wish I could press the pause button.

Where I got everything:
Banner, straws, plates, wrapping paper, food label boxes, decorations- Dollar Store (there is a local dollar store here in Houston that has a huge selection of birthday supplies. I was in polka dot Heaven).

Styrofoam balls (for mickey/ minnie center pieces), glitter spray paint, black and pink spray paint, wooden sticks, bows for cupcakes- Walmart

Mickey and Minnie Ribbon, polka dot balloons, cotton Pom poms for hats, cupcake liners- Hobby Lobby

Buckets (for center pieces), feathers for hats- Michael's Craft Store

Gum balls- Target

PiƱata- Local in Houston. (One dude was Mickey and other side Minnie).

Printables- free from Pinterest

Invitation- MelissaStanleyDesign Via Etsy

Cakes- Local in Houston. She did an absolutely awesome job! Her cakes are amazing and taste so good!

First Birthday pictures here.