Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life Style: And the party continues

This is what we do before guests come over. Jayden plays with my Staples box, as he loves putting his toys in boxes!

I think he was done at this point!

Even Princess is wondering why I am paying so much attention to her. She stays still longer than Jayden!

Everyone tries to get away from me. Lol Here is my nephew running with a power rangers mask on.

Yummy Crave cupcakes

The birthday boy's cupcake

We had our families come over for dinner to celebrate B's real birthday last night. He got two birthday parties this year! We had Crave cupcakes for dessert, and they were delicious. Absolutely my favorite here in Houston and we have quite a few cupcake stores. B's favorite is Red Velvet. I'm still trying to figure out my favorite: Hummingbird and key lime are at the top.
I also took a few (more like 150) pictures, as I am on the hunt for a new lens. I use my 50mm a lot (about 95% of the time). Don't know if I should invest in an 85 mm or a 35 mm lens.
What do you think? What lenses do you own?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Mmmmmmm ... Those cupcakes look delicious!

    Honestly, I take the great majority (read: too many) of my photos with my iPhone, these days, but the hubby got me a shiny new Canon Rebel T2i for Valentine's Day, and I need, need, need to use it more! Right now, I just have the kit lens and a zoom, but I'd love to own a 50mm.

    1. Thanks Katie! I do love my 50mm lens, and am debating on getting the 1.4. I have the 1.8 and it is awesome!