Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photography Style: Favorite Children shots

F stop 4.5 s / ISO 400 / Aperture 1/1000s

F stop 1.8 / ISO 3200 (high because I was shooting inside with no flash)/ Aperture 1/500s

F stop 1.8 / ISO 400 (lower because I was shooting outside with overcast sky) / Aperture 1/1000s

F stop 3.2 / ISO 800 (shooting in the shade) / Aperture 1/1000s

F stop 1.8 / ISO 100 (shooting in direct sun light) / Aperture 1/4000s

F stop 1.8 / ISO 400 / Aperture 1/1000s

F stop 1.8 / ISO 100 (shooting in direct sun light) / Aperture 1/4000s

I shot this with my (first) Nikon Coolpix P90 (Jayden's 1st Christmas)

These are some of my favorite children shots that I have taken over the last year. I bought my 50mm lens last Christmas and have pretty much been shooting with that lens ever since. I don't consider myself a professional, but maybe a momtog (mom photographer). I truly have a passion for photography and hope to continue to grow in this skill. The one advice I would give all you momtogs (or anyone shooting with a DSLR) is to practice. I picked a few shots here, but I shoot a ton of pictures. That's the great thing about digital memory cards, you can practice even more. I shoot with a Nikon D3100 and 50mm lens.
I am posting the settings on each photograph so you can practice with the settings on your camera and try it out. The best way to learn is hands on. I also encourage you to take classes. The fist class I took was a 4 hour classroom class learning all the basics. I think it was a great start. Also, I use Picasa to edit and store all my pictures. I pay for extra storage, because I have so many pictures. All my fashion shots are edited with Picasa. I have Light Room (from Adobe) as well, but I need more practice with it.

Thanks for reading!

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