Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A day to remember

As I was sitting on my desk last night working on my post for this morning, I was reminded of this day 11 years ago. I did not mention or write anything down regarding this day because, honestly, I didn't know what to write.
I know all of us can remember exactly what were doing when we heard the awful news. I was on my way to early morning class, as it was my senior year at the University of Houston. I can tell you exactly where I was stuck in traffic, what radio station I was listening to, and how confused I was at first. It wasn't until I made it to school that realization of the events began to unfold. As I sat there watching the news, and the horrible images of the events, I don't even remember what was going through my mind at that point.
Now, fast forward 11 years, we will not forget. I will not forget. I will not ignore it like I did last night, instead I will remember this day and all the heroes as well as those who perished. I will pray for the families that might still be grieving this loss. I will pray for all those first responders who gave up their life to save others and for all those who bravely and courageously saved so many. I will continue to pray for all our men & women who give up so much, including ther lives, to keep our country safe. As we near another presidential election, I also pray we elect the right president to lead our nation. This nation that is so strong, full of hope, but also needs change.
Thanks for reading!

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