Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life Style: Grandma's 80th birthday

Grandma's 80th birthday cake in Peruvian flag colors

Some of the decorations

More decorations

Peruvian dancers

Peruvian dancers and Grandma

Peruvian Dish: Aji de Gallina

Peruvian Dish: Papa Rellena

The Gonzales family and Grandma

My sister and I with Grandma

Here are a few pictures from my Grandma's 80th birthday party. It was truly a blessing to celebrate such a special occassion with her. She is one my heroes and I have always looked up to her. Our family is from Peru, so we decided to do the theme in "Evertyhing Peru". From the food, to the performances, to the decorations in the Peruvian flag colors (red and white),to the cake, we wanted to bring Peru back to her even if it was just for one night.


  1. Felicidadez a tu abuelita linda, qe Dios la bendige y cumpla muchos mas ;-)

    Found your blog through Whitney from Along the Lines of Style and totally love it. We have similar taste in fashion. Looking forward to some great outfit & receipe inspiration ;-)


    1. Dayi- Muchas Gracias!
      Thank you for coming over. I'll check out your blog.