Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cooking Style: Peruvian Food

Lomo Saltado

Pollo Saltado

Aji de Gallina

Chicharron de pollo

Pionono (dessert)

Happy Wednesday!
Here are some great Peruvian dishes from a local restaurant here in Houston, Lemon Tree. They have amazing and aunthetic Peruvian food and our family loves going there. I know I have not been posting as many recipe posts lately, but I'm hoping to learn to cook Peruvian food. It is by far my favorite type of food, I guess because it brings me back to my childhood, but I don't eat it often enough.
Enjoy the pictures!



On the day after a very important election, with lot of passion behind both sides, let's remember these words by Billy Graham. He is turning 94 years young today.

"In the founding era of our country, it was not organized religion but personal faith that brought focus and unified the early leadership--maybe an unspoken faith in God, and certain values that came with that faith. So in that sense, we cannot discount, in my judgment, religious faith in politics." (Newsweek 2006) Reverend Billy Graham (aka William Franklin Graham,Jr. (1918 - ) Evangelist

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