Saturday, November 10, 2012

Photography Style: Picture Challenge

I am continuing with my Picture Challenge. I actually took a (different) picture every day this week of Jayden. I think I was trying to make them too perfect, and therefore, stressing myself over taking the best picture. Instead, I will focus on capturing the moment, whatever the moment is for that day. I look forward to going back through these pictures in the next few months.

Blowing bubbles at Grandma's house

Playing with his favorite toys, (right now) Cars, inside of Princess' kennel

On my way to a work dinner, Jayden wanted me to play "Bonnie" with him. Toy Story 3 is his favorite all-time movie. We re-enact the last scene in the movie, when Andy brings Bonnie the box of toys.

Again, re-enacting his favorite all-time movie. This part is when Bonnie notices Woody hanging from the tree and she put him in her backpack

B actually took this one. I am turning him into a photographer! : ) He noticed the sun setting as he was coming home from work. He said he did not get the sun hitting the trees like he wanted.

B trying to get the sunset again. Jayden playing his his beloved, Woody.

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