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Fashion Tips For Petite Yet Curvy Women

For women that are considered to be petite (those who are 5ft 4inches or under), finding clothes
that fit can be challenging. The same can be said for those who fall into plus size categories, whilst
those with curves may find themselves with even less options to choose from.

This is because curves are something typically associated with larger builds. Those boasting a small,
petite frame with womanly curves may therefore be excluded from both clothing ranges when it
comes to finding something that fits perfectly.

For those who fall into this category, here are a few tips on how to dress appropriately for your

Wear fitted clothes opposed to loose fitting garments

It’s recommended that petite women who are a size 14 or over wear garments that are fitted
or semi-fitted instead of loosely fitted items. Fitted garments such as jackets and dresses make
a woman appear slimmer and taller and will augment those sexy curves. Avoid loose and fussy
clothing as the additional fabric will only add bulk to a shorter woman, making her appear heavier.

Lipsy now cater for plus size women and have a fantastic range of dresses for women of a shorter
stature in sizes 16 and 18. A Lipsy dress that is fitted or semi-fitted and comes just above the knee,
perhaps in a darker, more demure colour will go a long way to making curvy women look taller and

Dress in a uniform dark color

Bright and colorful dresses and outfits, which are emblazed with vivid patterns, can make petite
women with plus-size frames appear smaller and rounder than they actually are. Darker clothes that
are all the same color on the other hand can make you look slimmer or even taller. Opt for navy,
burgundy, dark purple or charcoal if you’re bored of black.

Wear high heels

It goes without saying that women who are on the shorter side should wear high heels to make
themselves taller. Stick to heels that don’t have any straps as they will break up the vertical line.
Always ensure you can work in your chosen heel height as well.

Opt for V-shapes

V-shaped garments, whether it is a top, jacket or dress, create the illusion of height as the eye is
naturally drawn to the neckline. This season, V-shaped and U-shaped necklines are dominating the
high street stores. Purchasing an outfit such as a petite Lipsy dress with a plunging V-shaped neckline
will not only create an elevated sense of height but it will also draw attention to the breasts, which,
on petite and curvy women, can often be one of their best assets.

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