Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life Style: Jayden's Christmas Party

Nikon 50 mm 1.8G
ISO 400 (no flash), 1/40s, f 2.8

Praying before their meal.

Mommy and Jayden.

My little reindeer with his reindeer tail.

Ringing the bell. I was amazed that 3 year olds can sit (still!) in a line and ring the bell when they heard the word "bell" from the story. And then they passed the bell to the next child. God bless teachers for what they do!

They are actually all listening!

Happy Thursday!
We woke up to a strong windstorm here in Houston. It looks like the tempetature might actually get into the 50s today. Good thing, because Jayden is wondering where the snow is for Christmas. My sweet boy is too young to realize we live in Texas : )He got his first sight of snow when we traveled to Colorado earlier this year and went skiing. He has loved snow ever since!
He had his Christmas party yesterday at pre school. If you can't tell, they are dressed as little reindeers (tail and all) and these 3 year olds played the best reindeers ever!
Thanks for reading.

PS I have been slacking big time with my picture challenge. (Info here!)I'm hoping these make up for it. : )

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I love this quote for so many reasons. I've always been a worrier. When I became a parent, it became even worse. Once I became a Believer, I realized that it truly is in God's Hands. It's a challenge every day to push the worry away, but this is a great reminder of why we need to stop worrying! Have a great day!


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