Thursday, February 23, 2012

Date Night and Dinner night

We went out last Friday to celebrate a late Valentine's dinner. We also went to Eddie V's that night. We do not get out as much as we should so we had a great time getting dressed up for dinner. And able to carry on an adult conversation : ) I did not get as dressed up as I usually do, but really wanted to wear my new corduroy skinnies : )

Pink shirt (borrowed from my sis), gray skinny corduroys (JCPenney $7- a steal!), Shoes (Carlos Santana via Macy's), Jewelry (?)

Here is one with the hubby and I.

We also went out on Saturday to celebrate my brother in law's birthday. Again, I bought a pair of teal corduroys and this is what I came up.

Mustard sweater (Forever 21), teal skinny corduroys (JC Penney $7), Belt (Mossimo via Target), Boots (DSW)

This week

Ok,it looks like Thursdays are my day to update the blog. It seems that I am jammed packed with work and family that it is hard to get on here as much as I would like!
And this week I was not feeling fashionably inspired either. I wore scrubs Monday and Tuesday as I had to work at my hospitals.

This is Wednesdays outfit. I am really loving mustard, still!

Mustard Sweater (Forever 21 $13), Black and Ivory skirt (The Limited- old), Pantyhose (Hue via Macy's $5), Belt (Forever 21), Shoes (Bandolino $60), Jewelry (Forever 21)

Inspiration photo from Pinterest

I had a work dinner at Eddie V's on Wednesday night. I put this together last minute but of course my inspiration came from Pinterest a few weeks ago.

Jacket (Forever 21 $24), Dress (H&M- old), Belt (Forever 21 $3), Shoes (Aldo- old), Jewelry (Forever 21)

Inspiration photo from Pinterest. I played with same color idea from here.

Here is Thursdays outfit. I need to get more creative. I wore this shirt last week, but after last night's dinner, I slept in and had 2 minutes to choose an outfit!

Shirt( Marshall's $13), Pants (INC via Macy's- old), Shoes (Aldo- old), Jewelry (Forever 21)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This week's work style

It's been that kind of week. It's already Thursday and I'm barely updating this for the week. At least tomorrow is Friday!

The first outfit was for a cold Monday. Cold for me in Houston anyways. Don't know if I will wear this again, but it was fun and I was warm. Everyone kept looking at my tights, because, apparently no one wears tights in Houston!

Dress: Boutique in Paris (2007), Brown Sweater: BCBG Outlet Gray Sweater: Forever 21 Tights: Aldo in New Jersey Boots: Nina via Macy's

Scarf: Gift from Peru

I wore this on Tuesday for Valentine's Day. I'll definetely add a belt to this next time.

Shirt: Marshall's $13 (very recent) Skirt: Forever 21 $18 (very recent) Shoes: Bandolino (old) Jewelry: JC Penney

I wore this on Thursday. (I had to work in the hospital- I'm a pharmaceutical sales rep, on Wednesday so it was scrub day. I don't mind those 1 or 2 a week!) I had 2 minutes to pick an outfit because I was running late. I pulled up my fashion board from Pinterest and I had alreay pieced these pieces together in my mind. I'm glad it worked out!

Shirt: Macy's (old) Jacket: The Limited (old) Cropped pants: Talbots Petites via Marshall's $15 (very recent) Shoes: Aldo (old) Earrings: Forever 21

Inspiration photo from Pinterest

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Style: Family dinner

Last night we celebrated my father in law's birthday at a local restaurant. I saw the inspiration photo and remembered I had a sweater very similar to the one from the photo. I usually look at something whether online, magazines or even from other women, and put the outfit together in my head. Basically means, I know too much of what is in my closet! HA! I was going for something casual and this is what I came up with.

Sweater- Lacoste from Peru
Pants- The Limited (old)
Belt- Mossimo via Target
Boots- Jessica Simpson via Macy's (old)
Jewelry- JC Penney
Purse- Coach (Borrowed from my sister)

Inspiration photo from Pinterest

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Style: Saturday Brunch

Saturday brunch with the girls on a beautiful sunny but cold day. I love the weather here in Houston, but we have been spoiled with spring like weather this winter. Except today. It was chilly. I still tried to dress sunny with bright colors. I'm really loving hot pink right now. I had a couple outfit changes and decided on the last one.

Shirt: Express (old) Jeans: U51 via Ross $13 Shoes: Macy's Belt: Forever 21 $2.50 Jewelry: market in Peru
Did not like the flats with the jeans. I have short legs as it is!

Shirt: Forever 21 (old) Shoes: Steve Madden via Ross

Added coat since it was chilly. Victoria's Secret (old)

Weekend Style: Friday Night event

My sister and I had an event for a friend's daughter Girls Scout's troop last night. I wanted to wear something fun but classy at the same time. I have always loved the navy and red combination. When looking for inspirations, I usually will try the colors first. I can always find something in my closet that is similar or am inspired by it. Looking at this inspiration photo, again, I just went with the colors. Polka dots are really in right now, as well as stripes!

Jacket- Luella for Target (old)
Top- Loft (borrowed- almost all borrowed is from my sister : ) )
Jeans- The Limited
Belt- Vintage (from my mom!)
Shoes- Aldo (old)
Jewelry- Market in Peru

Inspiration from Pinterest

Friday, February 10, 2012

Work Style 2

Here is another outfit I wore for work this week.

Jacket- Loft (old)
Top- Arden B (old)
Pants- Macy's (old)
Shoes- Steve Madden via Ross (old)
Scarf- bought in Peru in market
Purse- Coach (borrowed)

Inspiration from Pinterest (Just playing with colors and this is what I came up with)

Work Style

I get the chance to experiment with different styles for outfits. I am in pharmaceutical sales and it seems that most reps are very well dressed. I take this opportunity to dress up! And I love trying out different styles. I have a lot of clothes, so I am trying to wear things that I still have in my closet. I am also allowing myself a small budget per month to shop and add new items. Here are a few different styles that I have worn this week.

Jacket- Macy's (Old)
Shirt- Borrowed
Pants- Target Mossimo (old)
Shoes- Bakers (Old)
Earrings- Forever 21

Inspiration photo from Pinterest