Friday, March 8, 2013

Closet Remix: Bright Polka Dots

Outfits from left to right:
Outfit 1
Outfit 2

Happy Friday!
I am back today with my Friday Closet Remix. Today's remix is my favorite bright green polka dot top. It has become my favorite especially since I can wear it with my growing belly, at least for now! It looks great when paired with another bright color or skinny jeans.
Going through my old pictures really makes me miss wearing "cute" clothes. I am going to have to revamp my maternity clothes and make them work! I have 4.5 months to go, at least! I will do a better job of documenting all my daily outfits, in hopes to re start my creativity in dressing every morning.
Thanks for reading!


Ah, patience! It's a good reminder when you are not waiting for something, not waiting for God to do something that you have been praying for so long. But to be patient in life, is to be patient every day for His Perfect Will to be done.
Have a great Friday!

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