Monday, April 8, 2013

Pregnancy News: 22 weeks

Top: Liz Lange Maternity via Target * Leggings: I heart Ronson via JCP (You know I'm on bed rest when I have no shoes on!)

How far along?: 22 weeks. The picture above is from Easter, I was 21 weeks then. Kind of hard to take pictures when you are on bed rest. I skipped my 5 minute shower to watch the kids egg hunt, for 5 minutes : )

Total weight gain: Up to 135 lbs, so 22 lb weight gain. And this was at the doctor's office (where you know the scale adds at least 5 lbs!) I haven't gained any weight in a month, but my OB is not worried since the babies are growing!

Maternity clothes?: Yup, full on maternity clothes. This belly is only getting bigger! I am measuring 30 cm (my fundal height that is). So, as big as a 30 week pregnant woman with one. Yikes!

Stretch marks?: None. Yet...

Sleep: Most nights I sleep pretty well. It's kind of hard to enjoy sleeping at night now, since I'm in bed 24/7.

Best moment this week: I am just so grateful that the babies are doing so well! I had a rescue cerclage put in at 19 weeks, 5 days that saved their lives!

Miss anything?: No. Bed rest is no joke, but again, I will do anything to keep these babies in as long as I can. I am leaving it all up to God, and I know He will make sure we get as close to full term as possible. I have the rest of my life to enjoy the things I "miss".

Movement: Yes! They are both so active, especially Baby A, which is baby boy on my left. He is head down and baby girl is across on top.

Food cravings: I think they have stopped. LOL Seriously, I just want them to be healthy, I am not thinking much about sugar. My usual craving!

Symptoms: My stomach gets hard, so I have to time to make sure they are not real contractions.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Labor Signs: Since I obviously don't feel pain from contractions, I just monitor them more closely. I'm also on medicine at home to stop any contractions.

Wedding rings on or off?: On. Since I'm at home all day, I usually don't put them on.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Honestly, I'm just grateful and taking it one day at time.

Looking forward to: Every milestone from now on, 24 weeks, then 28 weeks. I might start breathing a little easier when I make it past 32 weeks!

Some more pictures from Easter.

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  1. You look beautiful. I am sorry you have to be on bed rest, I know that must be tough. You have an amazing attitude.

    We just have to tell ourselves we can do it. I know there are many days where I am not sure I am going to make it to July, but I have to for our girls. :)

    Hang in there. We can support each other. :)