Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pregnancy News: Day 20 of Bed Rest

It's been hard to blog about much of anything, since I'm laying in bed all day long. I decided to at least talk about day to day activities, but not on a daily basis because I'll bore you all to death. Lol
Honestly, I am so grateful for my wonderful parents, sister, family, friends, co workers, neighbors and the list can go on, for showing so much support during a difficult time. My wonderful high school girlfriends are taking turns making us dinner every night! They each have full time jobs and families but yet they find the time to make a home cooked meal for us! Or friends who text me just to check how my day is going, numerous phone calls and I'm not a phone talker. But times like these I look forward to my phone ringing! My dad is doing work from my house so he can keep me company and cater to my demands (food! snacks!) on a daily basis. While my mom continues to take care of Jayden and my nephew, to keep their normal routine going. And cooking me a home cooked lunch every day! My sister who comes over every day after work to keep me company and watch movies on Saturday. Girly ones, 3-4 in one sitting!
Sometimes I wonder if God has allowed me to face this challenge to see the kindness and generosity in other people. When my sister was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009, we also saw this selfless and tender generosity from so many. To this day, I can tell you who texted, called, emailed, prayed, cooked and that was almost 4 years ago! If anything this has opened my eyes and my heart to pay attention when others are in need. We can each make the world a little brighter, just by a simple gesture.

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Ps I forgot to mention how wonderful Jayden and my nephew have been. They massage my feet! Get me whatever it is I may need and make the day a little brighter each time.
Here is a picture of Jayden and I playing doctor. He found post it notes and turn them into bandages. Obviously he thinks I'm really sick, hence the tons of "bandages"!

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  1. I do not envy you the bed rest, because as fun as it sounds when you're well, not so fun when they make you do it! But babies! Such a blessing. And you are one beautiful mama!
    Hopping by from Thumping Thursdays!