Saturday, October 12, 2013

Life Style: Twin Baby Favorites 0-3 months

Here are a few of my favorites for 0-3 months.

1. Motorola Video Monitor: We have had 2 Summer monitors with Jayden, but after much research, we settled on this Motorola one. It has 2 cameras, perfect for twins. The babies are still in our room, and I can't wait to see how far the range is when they go to their nursery.

2. Aveeno Bath products: Perfect for their sensitive skin. A favorite with all our kids.

3. Dr. Brown's bottles: (Pink) (Blue) I love how Dr. Brown's came out with different colors. Again, perfect for twins. We used Dr. Brown's with Jayden, and came to love them since then.

4. Angel Care monitor: Our babies were born at 35 weeks. This monitor has been for peace of mind for us. We also used this with Jayden, and this is a product I would recommend to all parents. You can read their reviews, and I would back up every one of them.

5. Swaddle: These swaddles are great for newborn babies. It keeps them all tucked in and they sleep better this way.

6. Stroller: Again another favorite we used with Jayden. Obviously, we used the single one with him, and now we bought a double one for the twins. I love how lightweight it is, easy to set up and take down. The babies are still in car seats so it makes sense to have a light stroller to just set them in place securely.

7. Avent pacifiers: They used these in hospitals for a reason. A newborn favorite and love the different colors.

8. Bassinet: The babies will be in our room until about 5 months. These bassinets are small enough to fit in our master, and keep babies comfortable as well. It has music, sound and gentle vibration.

9. Medela Hospital Pump: I rented this from the hospital. You get your own kit, and the hospitals had these available everywhere. I had one in my room and the Nicu. Perfect for twin mamas to try to get more milk.

10. Breast Friend Pillow: A twin mama favorite for breastfeeding. I ended up pumping only, but this had great reviews for twins, I wanted to put it on here.

11. Halo Sleepsacks: Perfect for when they start moving around more in their bassinet. You can tuck their arms in or leave them out.

12. Baby Swing: Great for daytime napping or when you want to free up your hands.

One I forgot to put on here, Diaper Genie. Again, a past favorite and especially now with twice the diapers!
Did you use any of these products? Would you try any new ones from here?

Thanks for reading!

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