Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life Style: Weekend Happenings

Hi guys,
Here are a few pictures from our weekend. We had quite a few events we attended on Saturday! So I boycotted on Sunday and only went to church : ) I have a love/ hate relationship with the busy-ness of life. I loved staying home on Sunday and caught up on laundry and cleaning up. The kids do much better relaxing on Sunday as well. Anyways, that also meant no blogging on Sunday for me. I usually do a week worth of posts on Sunday. I will edit/ add from iPad throughout the week. But it was nice to relax and enjoy the kids on Sunday!

Big brother Jayden making Ava laugh and giggle. 

I love this sweet face. She was my serious girl at first and all of a sudden, she loves smiling and laughing away. 

Aiden napped in his crib while Ava and Jayden played. The twins are still in their bassinet, in our room. They still look so small in the BIG crib!

I have a bow shopping problem! The funny thing is that Ava is already trying to get them off!

He finally woke up!

He is the sweetest boy ever! 

Hope you guys had a relaxing weekend! Looking forward to spending more days relaxing with the kiddos and hubby : )

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love those baby smiles! They are darling. Love the bows too! Such sweet days.

  2. I was blessed to link up after you at Mommy Moments. You have such an adorable family!

    1. Thanks Bobby! I'll have to check out your blog : )