Monday, November 25, 2013

Life Style: Weekend Happenings

So proud of my big boy getting his yellow belt!

Love their sweet little expressions!

My sweet family.

My parents with their 4 grandchildren.

My twin sister and I with my twins.

Happy Monday!
As you can see by the tons of pictures, we had a busy weekend. We took the babies with us to their big brother's belt ceremony and their first birthday party. I had fun taking pictures with my repaired lens. Love this lens! I usually get a new lens for Christmas, but since I just got this one repaired, I will wait a few months.
I am off all week, so I will be spending time with the kids, my parents, sister and nephew. I seriously can't believe it's Thanksgiving on Thursday. This year has gone so fast!
And by the way, I was so proud of Jayden to see him on the stage his yellow belt and a medal. He has made us so proud! He is growing up so fast and becoming such a sweet big boy!

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  1. WOW you have a twin sister! how cool, I would have never imagined it.