Monday, December 23, 2013

Life Style: Christmas Festivities

All smiles before we went to look at Christmas lights.

Monday morning play time.

Love playing dress up with my sweet Ava!

Christmas dinner time

                                                                 All smiles for Ava
My twin sister with Ava and me holding Aiden

Ava and mommy

Mommy, Ava and Jayden

My sweet boy Aiden. Yes, he got dirty. And no, I didn't have time to change him.

                                         Jayden at his pre school Christmas party

Merry Christmas!
Our Christmas celebration has begun. We hosted a Christmas dinner this past weekend. My wonderful husband got injured at a soccer game last week. He has a black eye! So he is not allowed to be in pictures. Lol But I warned him that I will be using all sorts of methods to cover his eye tomorrow and Christmas Day. Concealer works wonders! (It's that bad!)
We have a busy Christmas Eve and Day planned and I'm hoping the babies don't get too fussy. They are at that stage where they want to be held. A lot. I can honestly say this mama is tired! Not the sleepless nights tired (thank God!), but tired none the less. We are doing more floor time with them, and they are enjoying playing with their toys. We attempted to drive around and look at Christmas lights in a neighborhood nearby. We tried to do it before their last bottle, but it didn't work. Let's just say next year we will wait until after last bottle and then pack them into the car. That way they can sleep!

I wish all of you and Very Merry Christmas! I hope each of you get to spend this holiday with your loved ones.
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