Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baby News: Twin Baby Favorites 4-6 months

1. Wubbanub- A favorite of my twins. They have them in all different colors and animals. I just wish I would have gotten them sooner. The twins are outgrowing pacis at this age (6 months now).

2. Teether- The twins turned 4 months and started teething, but no teeth yet. These teethers are great frozen as well.

3. Earth's Best Rice Cereal- They started rice cereal at 4 months. A great first starting food and healthy as well.

4. Munchkin suction bowls- Sticks to the surface. Perfect so there is no moving and grabbing of bowls.

5. Bumbo seat- I used this with my oldest as well. Great for practicing sitting.

6. Lamaze toys- The twins love animals. This little toy has a crinkle to the wings and they love the noise and all the colors.

7. Jumperoo- We can leave the babies in here for hours : ) They love all the little toys and activities. And gives mommy time to cook dinner.

8. Bath seat- I give the babies a bath one at a time with their big brother. This is great now that they are sitting, and can play in the bath tub with big brother.

9. Delta Umbrella Stroller- a great lightweight stroller for quick runs. It's small enough and simple to take down.

There you have it. Our favorite twin baby items for 4-6 months. What are some of your favorites?

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