Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life Style: Fit Wednesday

I am always looking for ways to make this blog a place where people can get inspiration. Whether it's fashion, cooking, photography and inspiration in general. I wanted to share something else I am passionate about and that is being healthy and fit. I had to work my way back after having my twins (and 15 weeks of bed rest!). I am not where I was before I had the twins, but I know if I continue to have good habits by working out and eating healthy, I will get there. I am very inpatient and expected to see results immediately(seriously!), but I have to remind myself of everything my body went through to bring my twins into this world healthy. I shared my green smoothie recipe yesterday. My hubby and I are trying to incorporate these into our morning routine daily. I love how the Ninja is a quick single serve solution so we can make our smoothie to our preference. We are also trying to get the kids used to being outdoors and taking a walk with them when the weather permits. And, yes, I am on the hunt for a double jogging stroller (want the Bob) because I tried running with this one and the wheels are going to give out on me. LOL Yes, I at least tried : )

Here are a few things we are doing to modify our family lifestyle:
1) Healthy breakfast (check out my green smoothie recipe)
2) 30 minutes (at least) of exercise 4-5 days a week. I don't like to run. But it is the best workout to shed extra pounds in my opinion. I will alternate with Insanity or even Pinterest workouts. I think we will get T25 very soon as well. (Sean T from Insanity and now T25 is awesome!) I love Zumba, but with 3 kids, night gym classes do not work : (
3) Add more fruits and veggies to our diet
4) Limit the sweets. I have such a big sweet tooth and my body craves it. I will seriously skip a meal, just so I can have dessert. Obviously, not a good thing. So, limiting it to every other day and small amounts.
5) Watch calorie intake and limit carbs.

So tell me, how are you staying fit this new year? I am always looking for different workouts to try. And remember, I think you have to mentally prepare yourself to have the energy to work out 4-5 days per week. Remind yourself how great you feel after a work out. I tell myself, "You will not regret that work out!". So leave a gym bag in your car, and talk yourself into going straight to the gym after work (and before picking up the kids).

Here are a few pictures of the kids at the playground.

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