Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recipe Tuesday: Homemade baby food

Baby Bullet Steamer

I blended it in the Ninja single serve. I am thinking about getting a Baby Bullet blender to keep the baby food separate from our containers.

You can freeze them in these Munchkin cups to use at a later time.

Since we are trying to eat clean, I am also making the babies their food at home. I have used these Sprout Organic pouches, but the babies prefer homemade food as well. A great book to use, Cooking for Baby, is a great resource.

Homemade Baby Food
1) Use organic veggies: Squash, carrots, sweet potatoes are great first baby foods
2) Cut up the veggies in small pieces
3) Steam them in a steamer. I really like our Baby Bullet Steamer! (You can also just simply boil it in a pot)
4) Put it in a blender. I used my Ninja. Blend well.
5) Serve warm or freeze the remaining portion.

As the babies get older, I will not have to blend their food any more, and just be able to steam the veggies and smash with a fork.

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