Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life Style: Doll Clothes Review

Some of you know that I grew up in Peru. We did not move to the US until 1989. My sister and I were almost 9 years old, younger brother was 9 months old and of course our parents. We only packed up a couple of suitcases, and my sister and I each were able to bring a carry on backpack. We could only pack what we would fit in there. (As I write this now, I can not imagine packing up years of memories and your life into a few suitcases, with 3 kids!) Needless to say, my sister and I packed as many Barbies and accessories as we could. I think we each brought 5! To say we were "girlie" girls is an understatement. Playing dress up was our favorite play time (and I guess it still is!) So when Mary Ann contacted me from Doll Clothes Superstore, I was brought back to my childhood. And even though my daughter is still too young (but really how young is it to play dress up?), I am looking forward to the Barbie days, and doll dress up days with her.
The doll clothes I received are such great quality! Such intricate work, and patience to make such tiny and beautiful clothes. They have everything from day wear to night time wear. They have such a great variety of Barbie Doll clothes (and Barbie Doll shoes!) Cabbage Patch dolls clothes, and general dolls clothes.
Doll Clothes Superstore is kindly offering all Upon a Rainbow readers 10% off their site with code "katherinedcs". No minimum purchase required.

My sister (on the left) and I in Peru in the 80s. Love the bug, uniform and lunch boxes :)

*I received these items free of charge. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Oh how very cute - love your picture!! I had the exact same lunch box!
    I still have many of my dolls, i bring them out for Christmas in their best attire and place them on the couch for display...