Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life Style: Jayden's 3rd Farm Birthday Party

A trip down memory lane, with a box of tissues next to me. As we get ready for his 5th birthday party this weekend, we look back at his past birthdays.

Jayden's 3rd Birthday- Farm Theme



I truly enjoyed planning this party! I got tons of ideas on Pinterest, and there are so many things related to a farm theme that you can have a ball planning this birthday. B and I did pretty much all the decorating. My mom and I spent hours making the cake and cupcakes. We loved the way it turned out! And of course, the birthday boy was so excited. We rented a small petting zoo and pony rides. The kids had a blast!

Cake: My mom
Cupcakes: I made it them. Took my mom and I over 4 hours!
Balloons, farm duckies, cow print tablecloth, farm animal lollipos, farm animal hats: Oriental Trading
Candy mason jars: Cracker Barrel
Goodie bags and ribbon: Hobby Lobby
Pinata: Custom made at a local shop
Signs and banner: I made them.

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