Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Happenings: Spring is in the air

                     A kiss for my sleepy Ava after our day of shopping and Rainforest Café fun.

                   Me and my boys. J is blowing kisses, while Princess sneaks in for a picture too.

My pretty girl after her yummy meal.

My sweet boy sucking on his fingers after his breakfast.

                      Is it a flexibility thing? Ava can reach her toes, while Aiden can't just yet.

Yes, he is my dad's mini me. And since I look like my dad, Aiden looks like my twin!

Well, I'll just climb over you sister!

We are starting to love sitting down.

                                                             Yummy sock, says Ava.                   

Drinking out of sippy cups! Ok, maybe just gnawing at the tip.

Ava, loving her sippy cup.

                                                             Love his big brown eyes!            

Ava is all smiles lately!

We've been enjoying beautiful weather here and we can almost smell Spring in the air. We took the kids shopping last weekend, and had a couple birthday parties this weekend.

The babies love floor time so we are spending more time in the game room, which is now the kids' play room. They are starting to sit on their own longer, but we have to get them in the sitting position. Ava is wanting to pull up from the floor on her own already. They are both so mobile! I am amazed how quickly they move around the floor. Ava is trying to pull on to all 4s, and Aiden is right behind her. Ava is also starting to pick up her hand to wave(her left. Will she be a leftie like her daddy?) and both are learning to clap. Ava has her hands open when we clap with her and Aiden is starting to open his hands to clap. It's amazing to see how fast they are growing and reaching milestones! I think with Jayden, honestly, I was not as in tuned with the whole milestone reaching process. But with the twins, I am keeping track of everything they are doing. They were preemies being born one month early and they have a July birthday so will be younger than most of their classmates.

And speaking of Jayden. He will be 5 years old next Monday. I really can not believe it! I actually get a little emotional when I think about him already turning 5 and starting Kindergarten this fall. We are on full 5th birthday party mode. If you guys don't know this, I love planning the kids' birthdays. I am hoping to make this one his best, being his 5th. Right after Christmas, I start Jayden's birthday planning. The first 3 birthdays I was able to pick the theme. But the last 2 years, he has picked his own. We will be doing Power Rangers, again, this year. I was pregnant with the twins for his 4th so really did not have the energy to go "crazy". Lol But this year I am incorporating all the rangers colors into his theme. I can not wait. Even though we are in for some work this week! Can't wait to share his last years in birthdays this week. My hubby was quick to remind me that he thought his 3rd birthday was the best yet. I remember all the work that went into it, and it was well worth it to see the joy on Jayden's face.

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  1. ahhhh they are beautiful!!! Ahhhh party planning = fun and stressful! Good luck!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Yes, thank you for the luck. I'm going to need it :) But can't wait to the final result.

  2. Your children are beautiful!!! And planning. So much fun but just make sure to truly enjoy the time. I know I personally can get caught up in being a "Pinterest" mom. Found your blog doing some late night blog surfing and I love finding other women who are passionate about Jesus!

    1. Thanks Becky! Thank you for the reminder. I do get caught up in making it "perfect". Thanks for stopping by!