Monday, February 24, 2014

Work Style: Navy, orange and white

Top: Loft (similar) // Skirt: Eshatki // Shoes: Aldo (similar) // Bag: Cole Haan // Necklace: Local boutique // Belt: Marshalls

My outfit: Top: Marshalls // Skirt: Eshatki // Shoes: Aldo
Ava's Outfit- Cardigan and Dress: Baby Gap Outlet // Shoes and Bow: Gift
Boys' Outfits- Shirts: Baby Gap Outlet // Baby boy jeans: Tommy // Big boy jeans: Childrens Place

Happy Monday!
It's not every weekend we get to take outfit pictures. I wore the stripe orange shirt to church and decided to try a basic white button down as well. I actually like the stripe shirt version the best, but love how a basic white blouse works just as great. We missed church these past few Sundays with the kids being sick. It's too cute when we dropped off the babies at the nursery, they always announce that the twins are here. I think to warn all the Sunday school ladies that they will be busy with them!

About my outfit: This is the first skirt I have bought from Eshatki. I love how they have reached out to other bloggers to expand their brand. (Yes, bloggers are so influential and great marketing machines!) I decided to try them for myself, and ordered this first skirt. (I say first because I just ordered 2 more!) I love how you can customize your skirt, dress or top, to your own body shape. I ordered size 4, and ordered for height of 5'1. (I am between 2 and 4, so I'm glad I went with the larger size. Fits just right.) Love the length! Perfect for work and for 3 little ones, which means I am never sitting down. Unless the kids are in the nursery/ school at church : ) That's pretty much the only time I get to sit uninterrupted for 1 hour.

Tell me, have you ordered from Eshatki? Will you order from them? (They cater to all sizes.)

* No, this is not a sponsored post. I was just very pleased with my purchase. : )

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  1. You look great and I love how your daughter matches in colors :) You have beautiful children! Your twins look bigger than mine and mine are 9 months lol.

    1. Thanks Rachel! Ava is about 20% for weight and Aiden is at about 10% and about 1lb bigger. My oldest was 20% and still is at almost 5 :)

  2. I have never ordered from them - BUT I absolutely love this outfit, you look spectacular.