Monday, March 24, 2014

Guest blogger: Daddy and Baby Time

I have a guest blogger today, Gii from She has great topics on everything parenting and baby. Some of my favorite topics include safety, such as video monitors and car seat safety. I should add that I debated becoming a car seat safety technician. I'm always researching best safe car seats and my oldest will probably never be in a booster. Not safe enough for me! :) Anyways, here is Gii talking about dads and babies.

Daddy and Baby Time

It is always important for dads to take an active part in their kid’s daily life. By simply taking care of the baby (like changing nappies or singing a lullaby) the connection between a father and his child can be enriched. Moms will definitely appreciate the help too, as it gives her more time for a much needed rest or it could let her focus on other important household activities.

Dads can take charge of different activities relating to his child’s needs (or he can ask mom for ideas). Baby needs like preparing the baby’s food and feeding the baby, or giving his toddler a bath promotes quality time too. Making games out of these baby activities brings enjoyment for both dad and baby.

Some good activities to promote quality time with dads are:

1. Go for sports
The love for sports is builds a father-child connection. Sports let children to develop their potential as well as encourage them to be active and healthy. This activity helps fathers ensure children that he will always be there to support them.

2. Sing along
Music always brings children into action. It’s very common that when they hear music, they always try to look for the source. Toddlers usually bop their head to the beat and sometimes they move their little feet to the sound. This is why musical activities are enjoyed by dads and their little tots.
3. TV time
We should not let the television to be an alternative babysitter. The kids can are most likely to enjoy programs and even talk about what they are watching when dad is there to watch with them.
4. Family day
We all know that going out is something that every family member can share and enjoy. Whether it is just a short trip to the mall or park, these moments of being together help strengthen the family ties. It is also important for children whose parents both work.
5. At home with daddy
Being at home is not an excuse to feel bored in doing fun activities, dads can engage in very simple yet fun activities with their children. Let your imagination run when thinking of activities to do with the kids at home wild (like cowboys from the Wild Wild West?). Babies and toddlers will surely enjoy puppet games, which dads can create from old CLEAN socks.

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