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Life Style: Day trips- Packing tips for multiples

Run for the Rose: 5k run for Brain cancer research
I borrowed this Schwinn (similar) double jogging stroller from my cousin (she has twins too). But I am on the hunt for one!

A day at the zoo. This umbrella double stroller is great. It's a lightweight and easy to assemble.

                                                   Daddy and Aiden at the zoo

A day at the zoo. You can see how much stuff we have here. Lol

                                                    Family day at the zoo during Spring Break.

Houston Rodeo during Spring Break.

                                                                     Rodeo fun

                                     My twin sister and I with my twins at the Rodeo carnival.

The older boys: My 5 year old, my nephew and cousin.

Now that the weather is getting much nicer, I thought I share a few tips on day traveling with multiples. And I don't just mean multiples because of my twins, but also my 5 year old and extended family. And we have only done some day traveling around Houston since we are not brave enough to go too far just yet. We are planning a weekend trip this summer, and Disney World soon. I'm already checking out other blogs and tips on traveling with little ones to Disney World. Anyways, here are a few things and tips to pack along on your day trip:

1) Plan for cooler and warmer temps
2) Always keep essentials in a car organizer: a pack of wipes, extra diapers and toys, hand sanitizer
3) Always carry extra food and water in a small cooler
4) Leave strollers, shopping cart/ high chair covers in your car
5) Leave jackets and blankets packed in the car as well during cooler temps

Things to pack for babies:
1) Extra clothing. I always pack long pants, sweaters/ jackets, beanies, shorts, onesies, hats. March is always cool in the mornings and warm during the day. So, I pack for both cold and warm weather.
2) Extra diapers and wipes. (Read above and leave those extras in your car at all times).
3) Medicine (Tylenol, teething tablets, rash cream), sunscreen, baby safe bug spray
4) Formula in easy pour dispensers, or cover up for nursing. Bottles with filtered water already in them.

Things to pack for older kids:
1) Snacks and water/ drinks in a small cooler
2) Activities for them to do while in the car (so they don't drive you crazy : ))
3) Extra clothing. We don't carry a backpack for my 5 year old anymore, but take extra clothing on day trips.
4) Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Medicine (Tylenol, pepto bismol)

I thought I share these tips with you as this helps me every time we plan to be out for a day or even a few hours at a time. My family knows that I always have things on hand, such as hand sanitizer (always in my purse and diaper bag) and snacks!

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  1. I still can't get over how many twins run in your family, that is crazy. You and your twin sister are beautiful, I forgot you were a twin. Are you older or her? Are your personalities similar and tastes? We follow a lot of your tips as well only e don't keep extra diapers in the car unless we are on vacation. Rachel xo