Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life Style: Texas Bluebonnets

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Aiden's Outfit (Baby boy): Gift // Ava's Dress: Marshalls and Bow: Little London Lou on Etsy // Jayden's Outfit: Children's Place

Bluebonnets. We drove 1 1/2 hours outside of Houston to find them. Tons of people flock to them every Spring, just to take beautiful pictures of their kids. I took a ton of shots and it was still very hard to get all 3 to look at the camera. But I still love looking at each picture. This is how our life looks like. Jayden can sit still for a few minutes, and the babies, well are into everything. Now you know why I said am staying in this weekend coming up : )

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  1. These are wonderful! The bluebonnets make me homesick for Texas. I grew up there. Your kiddos are adorable. So tell me, did you manage to avoid the fire ant mounds :)

    1. Thanks Leilani! I did not manage to avoid the fire ants, sadly. I was wearing flip flops, so I felt them right away. Rather me than the kids though! Thanks for stopping by!