Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Recipe Tuesday: Baby food- apples and carrots

We are still making the twins homemade food. I know I gave Jayden jar baby food most of the time, but since then, we are trying to eat cleaner. We don't eat anything from a can, and try not to eat too much processed food. It made more sense to give the twins healthy and natural food. My mom has always been great about giving all her kids, and now grandkids, homemade baby food. She can whip up butternut squash puree in no time. It seemed impossible for us to do it at home, as busy as life can get.

So, the best thing we have come up (and I keep saying we because my hubby helps me out too), if making a batch and freezing them. I like the Munchkin brand of freezable trays. I recently bought these ice tray looking containers. Works great and I like the Munchkin cup ones as well.

2 apples
bag of organic baby carrots

Boil the apples and carrots. I kept the skin, but I suggest peeling it off first.
(And I just realized I can use my Baby Bullet steamer as well, but if you don't have one, boiling them works just as well.)

Blend in Blender. I use the Ninja because it works great and it is not as bulky.

Add a little bit of salt to taste. Serve!

You can basically do this with any fruit and veggie combo. I am hunting down some new things to feed the twins now that they are turning 9 months and should start eating thicker textured foods.

PS I am back on track and planning a Weekly Meal Plan for my family. I will do one for the babies as well. Makes it so much easier to grocery shop as well.

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