Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Recipe Tuesday: Chicken with asparagus and mushrooms

Here is a simple, yet healthy way to change up dinner a bit. I decided to try a Paleo way of eating, these last few weeks before our beach vacation. It pretty means you eat natural foods, mainly fruits and veggies. We all know how bad processed foods are for us (anything that comes out of a box or can), but I think making minor changes to your eating habits is the best way to get used to eating healthy.

Chicken Breasts (I love the Simple Truth brand at Kroger)
1 teaspoon of olive oil
spices: I use garlic salt, lemon pepper, salt and pepper
a bunch of asparagus
sliced mushrooms

Cook the chicken the best way you like. I just fry it with a bit of olive oil after seasoning them.
Cut the asparagus into 3 pieces, and cook them in a separate skillet.
Add a bit of water and add the mushrooms to chicken. Brown a bit.
Add the asparagus. And voila, simple and healthy.

This week's Dinner menu:
Monday- Chicken and kale salad, with fresh baked sweet potatoes (I'll show recipe next week)
Tuesday- Chicken salad
Wednesday- Turkey Meatloaf with Flax meal and walnuts
Thursday- Pale curry chicken stir fry
Friday- Almond and Basil Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Saturday/ Sunday- Shrimp and cucumber salad

I do a lot of work lunches, so I usually eat a combination of chicken or fish and salad. I snack on almonds, dried fruit and fruit. For breakfast, I have been making fruit with kale smoothies with PB 2 and matcha green powder.

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