Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday: Letter to my Big Boy

My dearest Jayden, my Big Boy,
I've been wanting to write this letter for you, sweet boy, but I didn't even know where to begin. So many emotions go through my heart thinking about these past 5 years. You have been an absolute blessing from the very beginning. I can not even begin to describe the excitement and joy when we found out I was pregnant. My heart completely changed and I have not been the same woman since that day. For once in my life, someone else mattered besides myself. My heart was searching for something bigger. And it comes to no surprise that same year you were born, 2009, I accepted The Lord into my life.

The day you were born was an amazing experience. Because of you I received the greatest gift of all, becoming a mother. You were the sweetest and easiest baby ever. You made motherhood an absolute joy! Watching you grow every month, and loving you was what my heart yearned to do.

You were only 2 months old when we found my sister, your tia Eli, had brain cancer. It was the hardest days of our lives. There is a reason God blessed us with you just 2 months before our lives were turned upside down. You brought so much joy in the midst of dark days. You also brought her so much joy, alongside your cousin, Mateo. Watching you boys grow side by side, was the sweetest sight ever.

Tia got better, and you continued to grow into a lively toddler. You had no fear. You became daddy's little boy. You loved mama, but daddy was your sidekick (and still is!). I love your spirit, your joy and happiness in everything you do. You can not contain your excitement when big days are coming. You wait for your birthday 364 days out of the year and can not wait for the next one. You know what you want and will not stop until you get it. Sounds like your mama! I have learned to stand my ground and not give in, and you will thank me later on in life for that.

I can not wait to see what God had planned for you! I know He has great plans. You make friends with everyone, and He will use that to do good in this world. You will start Kindergarten this fall, and my heart hurts just a little to think we are now in the elementary school phase. Where has time gone?! You are still my little Big Boy. The boy that brought so much joy to daddy and I. The boy that gave us the greatest gift in making us parents. We look forward to watching you grow into a young man. We promised The Lord we will raise you to love Him more than anything. We know two little babies who love you so much as well. Your brother and sister look up to you and adore you already!

We love you to the moon and back Big Boy!
Mommy and daddy

T-Ball Season has started. Daddy is so proud of how natural you are, but most importantly, how much you love to play!

You remind me so much of daddy in this picture.

That smile melts my heart every day!


  1. What a sweet letter! He is a handsome fellow

  2. Before my hubby and I married we wrote letters to Elizabeth and Alexander (we didn't expect Max or Nevaeh) so we need to get started in that area for Max at least. I wrote Nevaehs a year ago. I need to do this kind of post for my kids. Thanks for the inspiration. Rachel xo

    1. Thanks Rachel! That's so sweet that you guys wrote their letter before they were even born :) I'm sure they'll cherish them forever.