Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Happenings: Birthdays and a Ranch

At dinner for my Mother in law's birthday.

                  My in laws with their 5 grandchildren under 5. This moving pic is comical : )

Jayden had a great game. He really enjoys t ball!

At the ranch riding on a pony.

                                              Holding 2 babies was no easy task!

Aiden on the train with my father in law.

Ava on the train. Ava's bow was one of the first bows I bought.

Ava and my dad on his birthday.

Trying out her new bow from Allison's Creations (coming soon!)

Ava and Aiden posing for one more picture.

We had a very busy weekend celebrating my mother in law's birthday on Friday, t ball, a ranch visit and Bluebonnets on Saturday, and my dad's birthday on Sunday. We are staying in next weekend! LOL
The kids had a great time at the Ranch. There was so much to do there. All I wanted to do on Saturday was find bluebonnets and take pictures. We stopped at Oil Ranch and ended up spending the day there.

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  1. So many cute photos. I am finding it is hard to get a good still shot of my twins, am I the only one haha! Your babes are too cute. Happy Biryhday to your dad. Rachel xo

    1. Thanks Rachel. My hubby is great about getting their attention. The only thing is that he is tall and they end up looking way up. Lol