Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Happenings: Our weekend in pictures

I love this sweet smile of hers! She used to be my little feisty one, but has turned into the sweetest baby girl ever! Ava's bow: Little London Lou
She loves to eat everything. There is absolutely nothing she doesn't like, so we get lots of happy pictures on her high chair.

My Aiden. He used to be my calm one and now can't stand if I leave his side. He will whine, and I'm a sucker. I think both of my boys know that. But I'm learning to let him cry and calms down soon after.
By the way, I had not been to JC Penney in a while. I stopped by recently and picked up these pj's on super clearance. They are GiggleBaby brand and I love them! So comfy for him. (I got them for $3 in store!)

Ok. I have become that mom. The one who has turned her daughter into a fashionista. I.can' It is absolutely so much fun to find cute and affordable outfits and BOWS for her.
Ava's Outfit: Camila via Marshalls // Bow: Little London Lou
// Sandals: Target
I'm always checking deals on Jane and Groopdealz for cute kid items. I bought a couple of bows on Groopdealz from Little London Lou in December. After trying out a few different vendors on Etsy, Little London Lou is one of my favorites!

I finally got a shot of the twins in my family. There are 3 pairs (my sister and I are the first : )). My cousin had boy/ girl twins in July 2012 and mine were born in July 2013. I love hand me downs! It works perfectly!
I think her twins look like twins, obviously they are fraternal but can tell they are twins. Aiden favors my side of the family and Ava, my husband.
Yes, I finally have a girl and she looks like her daddy. Go figure : )!

How sweet is this picture! They love to play together and if one is crying (usually Aiden), he will calm down if sister is playing with him in the playpen or bouncer next to her.

Ava and I.

My twin sister and my mom holding Ava and Aiden.

And I feel too guilty (mommy guilt!) if I don't have a single picture of Jayden. This is a picture from last weekend while he was playing t ball. The babies and I did not make it to see him play. It was windy and a little chilly so we stayed home while he went with daddy. We get so involved with the babies most times, but we have to remember to pay him lots of attention. We let him stay up a little bit after we put the babies to sleep so we can have big boy time with him.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. My Elizabeth is feisty and my Max is calm just like your babes haha! Mine are at the jealous stage (so is my 23 month old). Your babies are so cute, and I love their new outfits. Rachel xo

    1. Thank you Rachel! I didn't realize your next child is only 23 months! Wow, you are doing a great job mama :)