Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby news: The twins are 10 months old

Our attempt to take monthly pictures.

                                                          Ava's face cracks me up!

And Aiden making faces.

                                                And I got one still shot.

And that is all I got.

Ava and Aiden, with big brother and cousin.

                                             The many smiles of my Aiden.

                                         Trying out the walking toy. Taking just a couple of steps.

Yes mommy, I can walk with only one hand holding on!


Weight and height: About 18 lbs. No doctor appointment until 12 months. Yay!

Eating: She drinks 4 bottles of formula at about 7-8 oz each. She is still drinking every 4 hours. There is nothing she does not like. She eats yogurt for breakfast, and veggies (or fruit) and chicken for lunch and dinner. We have tried every fruit and veggie out there, it seems, and she loves it all. I hope it always stays this way!

Sleeping: She sleeps after her 730pm bottle until 730am or so. She is usually a great sleeper at night. We had a couple of nights she was up and we think it was due to teething (but she still only has the bottom 1). But by far, the best sleeper of the two. She is getting much better at naps and naps twice a day for about 1 1/2 hours each nap.

Schedule: 730-8am Bottle
9am Cereal or yogurt and a little bit of apple juice and water
10-11am Nap
12pm Lunch (veggie/chicken and fruit)
1230 pm Bottle
1-3pm Nap
4pm Bottle
6pm Dinner (veggies or fruit)
7pm Bath
715pm Bottle
730pm-7am Sleep

Clothes: She is wearing 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

Social: She is definitely talking more. She has said mama, tete (bottle), papa, up. She will imitate any word you try to tell her. We swear she tries to call her brother, Aiden. She definitely voices joy and anger. She responds to her name. She is very vocal and smiling at every body she knows. She seems much better with stranger anxiety. But burst into tears as soon as she saw her ped last week. I think she is going to hate doctors just like her older brother. Sigh.

Developmental: She is army crawling everywhere. She crawls on all fours but can only go a few steps. She knows she can go faster army crawling. Can sit for a few minutes but does not care to sit much. She can pull up from sitting to standing. She is also cruising along furniture, her crib and playpen. She can get to sitting from standing. She is starting to take steps while she pushes a walking toy. She will walk as long as someone is holding her with both hands. She will wave while she is doing it too! She is still practicing waving and working on blowing kisses.
Dropping toys on purpose to watch you pick them up.

Likes: Playing and talking with her twin brother. They can talk for 30 minutes in the mornings. Which is great! It gives us extra time to sleep on the weekends : ) Talking to every body and being held by who ever she knows. Reading and singing songs. Playing with her standing toys. She does not like to sit to play. Loves, loves kisses.

Health: Took her in last week because of congestion. It was only a small virus and no ear infection. Thank God!


Weight and height: About 18 lbs.

Eating: He drinks 4 bottles of formula at about 7-8 oz each. He is drinking every 4 hours. He pretty much likes everything. But does not like textured food. Just like Ava, there is nothing he does not like to eat!

Sleeping: He sleeps after his 730pm bottle until 7am or so. He is sleeping much better at night. Yay! He will take about 2 naps a day between 1- 1 1/2 hrs a nap.

Schedule: 730-8am Bottle
9am Cereal or yogurt
10-11am Nap (He is a better napper but times do vary)
12pm Lunch (veggie/chicken and fruit)
1230pm Bottle
1-3pm Nap
4pm Bottle
6pm Dinner (Veggie)
7pm Bath
715pm Bottle
730pm-7am Sleep

Clothes: He is wearing 6-9 month and some 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

Social: Still loves to talk (babble) to everyone. Starting to say m and b sounds. He is just starting to say papa. He has started to say mama, but babbling. He is a screamer and will scream to get our attention. My boys are just loud!

Developmental: Army crawling every where. Is crawling on all fours for a couple steps. Pulling up to standing position and takes a couple steps while holding on to the crib or furniture. Will walk if you are holding both of his hands.

Likes: Loves play time and talking to sister in the mornings. Loves to cuddle and absolutely adores my dad.

Health: He had a great month. Has 4 teeth, 2 top and 2 bottom.

Ava and Aiden are growing up so quick. I can't believe how fast they are growing! Nothing like watching your babies standing and cruising along to make you realize they are not babies anymore : ( I am planning their first birthday already. Seriously, where does the time go?!
We always have something going on during the weekends and they are getting used to our busy lifestyle. I love routines and I can say we have gotten to that point where it just feels normal. We get the 5 of us ready for church by 9am and that has to be our biggest accomplishment every week : )

Thanks for stiopping by!


  1. Happy 10 mos. Ava and Aiden! They are so cute. It's hard to get my babes to sit still together as well. So sad that my twins will be a year old tomorrow. Rachel

    1. Thanks Rachel! Happy Birthday to your sweet babies. They grow up so fast!