Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby News: The twins are 11 months old!

Pool pictures from this past weekend

Stickers on their backs because they do not keep them on in the front!

This is Aiden's face telling me that he is not keeping his sticker on.


Weight and height: She was about 17.5 lbs at 10.5 months.

Eating: She drinks 4 bottles of formula at about 6-7 oz each. She is still drinking every 4 hours, and eating 3 meals a day, snacks, and juice (mostly with water). She has become pickier with her foods. She eats yogurt or banana for breakfast, and fruit/veggies with chicken for lunch/ dinner.

Sleeping: She sleeps after her 730pm bottle until 730am or so. She was a great sleeper. Even since our trip, she had not been sleeping that great. We finally put her in the play pen in our room, and has been sleeping much better. This way if either one cries, we just let them cry it out. Yay for sleep for all of us! She takes 2 naps for about 1-1/2hrs each. Sometimes it's just one long nap.

Schedule: 730-8am Bottle
9am Fruit or yogurt and a little bit of apple juice and water
10-11am Nap
12pm Lunch (veggie/chicken and fruit)
1230 pm Bottle
1-3pm Nap
4pm Bottle
6pm Dinner (veggies or fruit)
7pm Bath
715pm Bottle
730pm-7am Sleep

Clothes: She is wearing 9 month, 9-12 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

Social: She is definitely talking more. She has said mama, tete (bottle), papa, up. Her newest word to imitate is "thank you". She heard older brother tell me thank you one morning and think it's the funniest thing ever. It sounds more like (ank u). She loves floor time and playing with her twin brother. Or taking toys away from him.
She is determined and wants her way at all cause. She is my little sassy pants, already!

Developmental: She crawls on all fours but is standing (holding on to furniture) more. She loves cruising along furniture, her crib and playpen. She gets to sitting from all fours. She tries to climb over furniture and stands on toys.

Likes: Bath time. Reading and looking at the pictures on books. She loves mommy now, and I love it! :) Loves kisses and dancing with mommy. The pool. She absolutely loves the water. Floor time and playing with Aiden. Loves Gerber Organics Puffs.

Health: She got Rosceola (virus) and had fever for about 4 days. We noticed she gets really fussy in the evenings so trying to move up her bedtime. She just get her 3rd tooth. She's got the 2 on bottom already.


Weight and height: Not sure. About17.5 lbs, if I had to guess.

Eating: He drinks 4 bottles of formula at about 7-8 oz each. He is drinking every 4 hours. Eats 3 meals a day, snacks and juice (mostly with water). He pretty much likes everything. Eating more textured food. He eats so well, and can eat a lot! He is doing great with drinking all his milk too.

Sleeping: He sleeps after his 730pm bottle until 7am or so. He is sleeping much better at night. Yay! Since he is sleeping in the nursery by himself, we will let him cry it out. But he has been sleeping all night for the most part. He will take about 2 naps a day between 1- 1 1/2 hrs a nap. Sometimes it's one long one.

Schedule: 730-8am Bottle
9am Fruit or yogurt, half apple juice and half water
10-11am Nap (He is a better napper but times do vary)
12pm Lunch (veggie/chicken and fruit)
1230pm Bottle
1-3pm Nap
4pm Bottle
6pm Dinner (Veggie)
7pm Bath
715pm Bottle
730pm-7am Sleep

Clothes: He is wearing 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

Social: Still loves to talk (babble) to everyone. Saying papa and babbling a lot. He is a screamer and will scream to get our attention. My boys are just loud!

Developmental: Army crawling every where. Is crawling on all fours for a couple steps. Pulling up to standing position and takes a couple steps while holding on to the crib or furniture. Will walk if you are holding both of his hands.

Likes: Loves to cuddle and absolutely adores my dad. Loves mommy! I think both of them know they get away with more with me than daddy! Loves bath and pool time. Loves brother's toys. All of them.

Health: He is doing much better with his acid reflux, finally. But he is still on Prevacid. I hope he gets off of it very soon! He just got his 5th tooth. He has the top 2 and bottom 2. 5th one is on top.

My sweet babies are almost 1! I am knee deep (no joke) in birthday party mode. Between their first birthday pictures, outfits, birthday party outfits, cake and decoration planning, it's all coming together. I am soaking in this last month of their first year. It has been the most challenging as a mom, but yet, the most rewarding. They mean the world to us!

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