Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fit Wednesday: The Flex Belt

Happy Wednesday!

I recently added Fit Wednesdays to this blog, and one of the main reasons was to keep me motivated and share my workouts with you guys. Some of you have been with me this past year after having my twins and others have recently joined me on this journey. And what a journey it has been! It was probably the hardest I had to work to get my body back to pre-pregnancy after having my twins. (Duh! Carrying two babies was no easy task). This also taught me to persevere and push through knowing I could gain muscle back after being on bed rest for so long. And I also learned that it is not an easy journey for many. So I truly do want to encourage each of you, and I know I have mentioned this in the past. No matter if it's after having children, getting healthy before conceiving, or just doing it for a healthy lifestyle.

I talked about Focus T25 here and what a great workout it is! I also wanted to share another tool I used to aid me in weight loss journey, The Flex Belt by Bmr. I used it for about 2 weeks and I noticed a complete difference in my abs. I used this along my workouts to further tone my abs. I had a c section with my twins, and boy, that completely tore my stomach muscles. (And I would do it all over again to bring my twins into this world healthy. It was the best decision we made along with my ob/gyn, and many women are faced with this decision as well).
I had a natural delivery with Jayden, my oldest, and I has an easier time with weight loss after that pregnancy. It must have been because I was still in my 20s. :)

It is a simple belt you wear which stimulates the nerves that make your muscles contract and relax. There are 3 gel pads you stick to the belt (adjustable to waist size), and then the other side of the gel pads stick to 3 different part of your abs. You can change the settings when you first start as well as the time. I started with 20 minutes and worked my way up to 30 minutes and started noticing a difference in about 2 weeks. It's great because I can wear the flex belt while cooking dinner, feeding the babies or playing with the kids. Even my husband wants to try it! I love that even if I can't get a workout in for the day, my abs were still getting a workout, even during my busiest day. It's convenient, very simple to use and it works. If you are interested in getting your own flex belt, check out their website for more great reviews!

And I debated showing this picture, and I cropped it as much as I could, lol. But I wanted to show you the results and this is the only way you can tell :) I've come a long way, but would love to keep toning up. I know with hard work and dedication, I will do it, and so can you!

I got a few messages after I posted this picture on Instagram. I wanted to bring this post back to show you guys how great The Flex Belt is in toning your abs!

* I received this product free of charge to review. As always, I only review products that I truly believe in and think my readers can benefit from it as well. All opinions are my own.


  1. OMG your abs looks amazing post 10 months...mya is 14 months and well nope no nice abs for me!

  2. Katherine, kudos to you for being so disciplined and focused! You have done an amazing job.
    I have not had kids and your abs sure beat my belly:)

    1. Thank you Lorena! And you are right about the discipline- it's hard work, but I try to throw in cheat days too :)