Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Happenings: Family time

A few pictures on Father's Day.
Ava: Dress- Carter's via Kohls Headband: Emerson Grace Boutique
Aiden's Outfit: Carter's via Kohls

                                          My big boy Jayden dancing away at a Graduation party.

Jayden, Ava and I.

Family shot.

My absolute favorite picture. Aiden loved, loved, loved dancing the whole entire night. His face says it all : )

Ava: Romper- Old Navy Headband: Jameson Monroe via Groopdealz
                                                     Aiden's Outfit: Carter's via Kohls

Hi guys!
We've had a couple of busy weekends with graduations and Father's Day. The twins are getting used to our busy life style, and it's absolutely adorable to see the babies interacting. They definitely have their own personalities, and love their big brother. Now I know what people refer to when they talk about "twin talk". My sister and I did growing up, and now watching my own twins, it's incredible to see how they interact, just baby talking to each other.
As we approach the babies' first birthday, I really want to hit the stop button in life. I can't believe how fast they are growing! There are still days I get overwhelmed with the day to day activities of having a full time job, and raising 3 small children. Its not easy! I get emails asking how I do it "all". I don't. I get frustrated, lose my patience, and yell (at Jayden, usually). Then I feel guilty and sad. These are the times, that I just sit there and pray to be a better mother. These are also the times that I realize I am not perfect, and have to remind myself that I will falter and I will fail. But there is one thing I have learned through this last year of motherhood (of 3): I love my kids dearly! There is absolutely nothing I would not do for them. I have learned to apologize to Jayden and to my hubby. For losing my patience. For yelling when I'm just frustrated and tired of taking care of 3 little ones. But I would not want it any other way. These 3 are my life (along with my wonderful husband). And we have good days, and we have bad ones. I have learned to count my blessings, even when I'm up for the 3rd time in a night, which I am glad to say we are less of those now a days : )
And thank you for being patient with me when I disappear from this little blog. Thank you for your kinds words, comments and emails. They mean the world to me! I love blogging, but there are times when life gets super busy, as you can tell, but I value the time you take to read and stop by this little space of mine.


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