Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby news: The twins are One!!

Photos by Sandra M. Vasquez Photography.

Happy Birthday my sweet little miracles! So many emotions go through my mind as I think back on this day exactly one year ago. It's so hard to out into words how much we love our Ava and Aiden. I'll be lying if I said it has been the easiest year ever. It hasn't been. But yet it has been the most rewarding as a mother. An absolute blessing but instead of just one, we have been blessed with two. If I had one wish it would be to experience the joy of each one on their own. But instead they are both learning to share mommy and daddy. They are growing up so unbelievably quick, it's almost unfair. I try to savor each moment with them, even through our busy daily life. I go back to one night when I cuddled with my both of them in the middle of the night. Rocking them because both wanted mama, but neither would be the first to go to sleep. Then I go back to my hospital bed rest days when it was just me and the twinkies those nights I just couldn't sleep. Wondering how I would carry these babies to a healthy birth. I said it in the past, God is good. He has been so good to us. To bless us not only with one, but two amazing and beautiful babies.

And now as they go into toddlerhood, I pray I can continue to be the best mother I can to my two miracles and my big boy. To have peace, patience and calmness when all 3 of my babies need me. It's hard to juggle the need of each of each child, but all I can do is give it my best and give it all to The Lord.

I couldn't help but go through these pictures over and over again. I loved how Sandra captured the moment perfectly. Their personalities shine right through. Especially the cake smash. Some babies (my friends have told me), are a little shy with cake. First time for Ava and Aiden and they had no problem digging right in. I think having a sweet tooth runs in the family :)

About the outfits:
Ava- Tutu: Made by my friend Stephanie ( I added the pink sequin Minnies I found on Ebay) (similar tutu) // Onesie: Made by my friend Gina. She lives in my neighborhood and she designed it just like I wanted it! She's awesome! (Similar) // Bloomers, shoes and necklace: EBay (similar necklace) (similar bloomers) // Birhday hat: Hat from $ store, feathers from Michael's, Pom Pom from Hobby Lobby (my mom helped me put it all together) // Bow: Alyson's Creations c/o

Aiden- Onesie: Made by my friend Gina (similar) // Shorts: Walmart (my mom added felt Mickey ears) // Shoes: Toms (gift from my friend Tiffany when I was pregnant. I added sequin Mickey from Ebay.) // Tie: EBay // Birthday hat: same as Ava


  1. These photos are too, too cute! I love the swing photo (and it looks like the photo was taken at the magic hour, lovely!!) and the one where she has the 'O' from ONE. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I think the wall photo is just adorable :) by the way I e-mailed you about winning the Avon jewelry giveaway. Please let me know if you are still interested within 48 hours. Thanks Katherine and congrats! Rachelxo