Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Happenings: Our first family vacation

My big girl. Bathing suit: Marshall's // Clip: Walmart

Aiden loving Grandpa's sunglasses and hat. Bathing suit and top: Ross

                                                   Sea World with the kids.

Ava and Mommy. Bow: Alyson's Creations.

The boys (Jayden and my nephew) with the exhausted babies.

                                                     Sea World fun with the Walrus.


Family shot in San Antonio.

Riverwalk San Antonio, TX

Mommy and Ava. Dress: Children's Place // Clip: Walmart

My big boy riding his first bull in San Antonio

The boys at a park in San Antonio

We had a great Fourth of July vacation in nearby Canyon Lake and then San Antonio. Traveling with 3 small kids is no easy task, but enjoyed every single minute! We left Wednesday night with a van full of everything. Double the playpens, walkers, diapers and bottles. I am an overpacker by nature, but it always pays off : )

We drove 3 hours to a resort to meet my in laws in Canyon Lake. The babies did great sleeping in their playpens every night. They were exhausted from the day's activities so they had no choice! We drove a few minutes to the lake on Thursday and spent most of the day there. On Friday we drove straight to Sea World in San Antonio, which was only an hour away. The rain stayed away and we spent the entire day at Sea World. It was definitely hot and jammed packed with people, but we were still able to enjoy the day. On Saturday we went to the Riverwalk and then to Market Street. Overall, we had an awesome time! My parents, sister, nephew, uncle and cousins were able to join us so we had plenty of help in San Antonio too. That helped us out a ton with 3 little kids.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


  1. How cute that he is on a bull ride! It looks like the kids probably slept well every night, especially after Seaworld! lol! Love the family pic, too!

    1. Thanks Carrie! Nothin like a jammed packed day to tire kids out huh? Lol

  2. What a fun vacation that the kids enjoyed too. The look happy and are so beautiful also. =)