Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ready for fall

Hi guys!
I'm hoping to get back to a regular routine with this little blog. I appreciate your comments, thoughts and prayers for my sister. She is doing remarkably well after such a big surgery. God is her strength through it all!

The babies are getting so big! It's crazy to see how much they are doing on their own lately. We used to have to keep them contained (yes! With twins, it's crazy!) in the play room and play with them for hours. Now we can have them downstairs with us while we cook, clean, etc. Ava is walking around like she's been walking for months. Aiden is still trying to find his balance, but not far from sister. They get into everything and sometimes we let them as long as they sit still for a few minutes at a time. Ha! We always have to keep an eye on them obviously, since they still put things in their mouth even though they know they shouldn't! They always look at us and run away when they find something interesting to taste :)
Jayden is doing so well in Kindergarten and has settled into a routine. He is still exhausted most days and actually asks to go to bed before bed time. Lol (His bed time at 8pm, but has been going to by 745pm. And after prayers and tuck in routine, he's out in 2 mins!)

I can't believe we are days away from fall! We had a bit of cooler weather this past weekend that lasted 24 hrs. It's not as hot as it has always been this time of year. I'm looking forward to walks to the playground with the kids since we don't step foot at the park the entire summer! Yes, it's that hot. I'm loving all the fall decorations, orange, football, and can't wait to try my first Pumpkin latte, this season at least, very soon.

Have a great Wednesday! Thanks so much for your support always :)

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