Thursday, September 11, 2014

Update and prayers needed

Hi guys,
I'm sorry I've been absent these last few weeks. But I wanted to update you all on what's going on. Some of you may know that my twin sister is a 5 year brain cancer survivor. On August 22nd, an unscheduled MRI showed tumor re growth. She just under went her 2nd craniotomy yesterday. This is an update I just posted on her blog and on her Caringbridge site. Thank you in advance for all your thoughts and prayers!

We were able to see Eli about 6pm last night. She was moved into recovery about 4pm, after an almost 8 hour craniotomy. My sister is my inspiration! She's so strong! And we have Jesus to thank for the strength He gives during this difficult trial. She was sharing with me in recovery that she felt Jesus' presence as soon as she woke up at about 5pm. She told one of the nurses that she felt Jesus and the nurse giggled. She told her, no, I'm awake, and I love Jesus. The nurse told her, I love Jesus too. Amen! I told Eli if she felt like she had seen Jesus, and she told me, no, silly, then I wouldn't be here. :) Dr. Ferguson had talked to us about effects from the surgery, or possible effects. It's easier to talk about them now, after the fact. Or simply because I chose not to worry about "the facts". This is a story of faith after all! Without her faith in The Lord, she might not be here with us today. All the statistics pointed to her losing this battle a long time ago. The 5 year survival of Anaplastic Astrocytoma or Grade 3 Brain Cancer, is about 20%. She had a recurrence in Dec. 2009. Surgery wasn't even an option then. The tumor that had come back at that point, was in a place her doctors had never seen before, closer to the middle part of her brain. Not an operable part. She started chemo in Jan. 2010. She was give about 12-18 months at that point. Which only her husband knew because he met with her oncologist one on one. In Feb. 2010, the tumor was gone! I call that a miracle. There is no medical explanation to that, at all. So that's why I chose to believe in faith, not in statistics. We are so blessed to have such amazing and brilliant doctors treating Eli. They are our angels that God has sent in His behalf. After all, He is the Master Physician!

So back to Sept. 2014. Dr Ferguson mentioned rehab for speech, physical and occupational therapy. She mentioned possible apraxia. This scared Eli. She's a speech therapist having worked with children (and adults, if I'm not mistaken) with apraxia. It's a very hard diagnosis. (It is disorder of the brain and nervous system in which a person is unable to perform tasks or movements when asked, even though: the request or command is understood; they are willing to perform the task; the muscles needed to perform the task are too weak. This according to Google). No wonder this scared her! But here we are. I shared a heart wrenching video 2 hours after her surgery on Facebook this morning. She thanks Jesus for carrying her through her surgery. He is the reason she was talking and moving right after an 8 hour surgery, in her brain. He is the reason she felt so much peace and overwhelming joy as soon as she woke up from surgery. He is the reason she will continue to fight this monster, and beat it, once again. I debated sharing this video, because I felt it was too personal to share. Her head covered in bandages, her face swollen from steroids and an 8 hour surgery, but yet, she looked absolutely beautiful declaring her miracle because He carried her through it! The response was overwhelming. Nothing like I imagined! People sharing her video on Facebook, and commenting on how moving this was. It was only my intention to share how well she was doing and the reason she was doing so well, Her Savior, Our Savior Jesus Christ.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13

I continue to ask for prayers. This 2nd part of her journey is just starting. Prayers of complete and fast recovery, continued healing, strength and peace for what is to come. Eli believes in miracles. We all believe in miracles.

When miracles happen, hope destroys hopelessness, joy overcomes pain, love conquers hate, and faith finds God in the midst of it all. (Author Unknown)

Here is the video I posted on FB.


  1. She will definitely be in my prayers. She sounds so strong and confident and is so lucky to have such a supportive and loving sister.

  2. God bless her. She is so strong. I'm sure she will make it as she did the last time.