Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Happenings

I love baking and Saturdays are my only days to do so. I made Nutella bread and baked eggs.

                                      Jayden and Ava. Most days she runs away from him!

I don't dress them up very often during the week (they are in onesies all day at my mom's). So on the weekends, we play a little dress up : )
Top: Old Navy (similar) // Bloomers: Ebay (similar) // Shoes: Marshall's (similar) // Bow: Emerson Grace via Etsy (I turned it into a clip since Ava pulls off all headbands!)


And this is what we do when we are home. Super fast speed for Jayden on the swing.

Hanging out by the slide (with no water)!

We finally did our outdoor kitchen this summer and looking forward to fall weather to enjoy it some more!

We had a relaxing weekend after the torrential rain we got on Friday. Jayden was supposed to start T ball, but it was cancelled due to so much rain on Friday. We did not do much of anything this weekend but hang around the house and play with the kids. We stopped by Best Buy to check out the Iphone 6 and they had the 128 GB only. We then stopped by AT&T and there was a 20 minute wait. Seriously?! I ended up ordering (online) the Iphone 6 for B. We are not ones to get the latest phones, we stopped that long before we had kids, but he still had the 4S and hadn't upgraded in 3 years. We will give my mom the 4S and I got a 5S since they are cheaper. And the regular 4 I have has speaker phone issues and AT&T and Apple will not fix it since it's out of warranty.
We started a new series at church on Sunday regarding Financial Freedom. B and I are so opposite (he's the spender and I'm the saver) and it's hilarious to see how opposite we really are, but we make it work. : )

How was your weekend?

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  1. The Nutella bread looks so good, I love anything with Nutella. Your new series at church sounds interesting!

    1. Thanks Carrie! Yes, Nutella makes anything better : )