Monday, October 27, 2014

Marvelous in my Monday

Happy Monday!
Here is another edition of Marvelous in my Monday. I felt I did not have much marvelous going on lately (there is always something marvelous going on right?!), but wanted to highlight a few things from our weekend. : )

ONE. B and I went to Haak Winery about 1 hour away from where we live. We went with great friends and had a great time visiting the vineyards, the winery, and of course drinking yummy wine (the best part!). We don't get out for date night very often, but it happened 2 weekends in a row. Yay! We have to use our babysitters wisely, and my mom watched the kids at our house last weekend (my dad is out of town for work), so it is easier for her to spend the night. On Friday night, we left the kids with my in laws for just a few hours. It was much needed and we are so grateful for our wonderful family!

TWO. Everything pumpkin. We visited the pumpkin patch this Saturday with cousins. The kids are getting the most use out of their Halloween t shirts. Except Jayden. He's too cool for holiday t shirts now! Lol

THREE. Anything Nutella. Our favorite weekend breakfast are these little Nutella rolls. Yum! Only picture I got because we devoured them!

FOUR. Family. I love our big, extended family. We get together for each birthday which means we get together about once a week! Love how the twins are getting older and get right into the mix.

FIVE. Beautiful weather. It's still pretty warm in Houston. Which means we can still wear shorts and no shoes for a little backyard hangout. Ava and Aiden love being outdoors. It's truly their favorite thing to do! And Jayden is loving every minute of t ball and practicing on the weekends. Doesn't stop B from asking him if he is ever going to try soccer again. (He's not, Jayden says). :) I cherish these moments the most. Truly warms my heart to share these moments with my little family.

Have a great Monday.

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