Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pumpkin Patch visit

A kiss for sister. It was cold (high 50s is cold for us Houstonians!) in the morning, but the sun quickly warmed up the day.
Ava's Jacket: Carter's (on sale in store) // Jeans: Old Navy // Shirt (seen in pictures below): Old Navy // Boots: Airwalk via Goodwill ($4!) (similar) // Bow: Gift

Aiden loved the petting zoo. Ava was not too sure about the strange looking animals!

Jayden has always loved animals!

Ava quickly burst into tears when she thought the Llama was going to eat Jayden's hand!

She felt much better in daddy's arms!

First ever wagon ride. They did so good! They actually sat in it the whole time : )  I know this will not always work!

When did my little boy get so big???

A little train ride with my littles.

And a pony ride.


Aiden loved the pumpkin patch. He picked up every pumpkin, and threw every "ball" that he could lift up!

A few attempts at pumpkin patch pictures. We will have to make it to another one soon and get all the kids to look at the camera :)

We had a great Saturday! We were eagerly anticipating our "Houston fall", but don't let the jeans fool you. Or the long sleeves, or Ava's boots. It was rather warm when the sun was out and shining, but it was such a beautiful day none the less.

I am amazed of how quickly Ava and Aiden have grown over the past year. They have their own little personalities, their own likes and of course dislikes. Ava has quickly become a girly girl, even surrounded by her brothers, and Aiden is all boy. I feel like I can relate to Ava the best, but my heart warms to see Aiden do so many things just like big brother!

My number one guilt is not giving each of my own kids their own undivided attention. I'm sure many moms with more than 1 feel that way. I wish I could freeze time and experience them one on one. B and I are so grateful that we had 4 years and 4 months with Jayden all to ourselves. Every time I pick him up from Kindergarten, I can't believe that he really is that big! And now he is the best big brother to Ava and Aiden. They adore him of course!

So now that the babies are getting older, I want B and I to have special time with each of our kids. And sometimes we do split up and he takes the boys, and I take Ava to hang out with my sister and my mom or vice versa.

So moms, what special things are you doing with your kids individually???

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