Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our life in pictures

Our life in pictures these past couple of weeks:

Ava and I. This is her "I'm tired of sitting still" face after the Ceremony.

The Godparents: Ava- my sister and brother. Aiden- my sister in law and brother in law
The family. This is about half of them on both sides :)
My little family.

How I miss shooting pictures. This was at the mall last weekend. 

My little fashionista. Top worn as dress: Gap (boys- borrowed from brother since its a bigger size :))  // Tights: Gap // Boots: Target // Bow: Willow Crowns // Belt: old from one of my shirts.

My little "big" boy

Halloween 2014. Jayden making sure there are no monsters in sight. 

My mom and I with the kids trick or treating. 
The twins sat still in the wagon with lollipops in hand!

My little family of 5 :)

It's been busy with Halloween, beautiful Saturday outings, parties and the twins' Baptism. Hoping to get back on to a regular schedule soon!


  1. Aw everyone looks sweet. Congrats twins and happy late Halloween. Rachel xo

  2. Such adorable pics :) Love her outfit where she is wearing the top as a dress with a belt. So stinking cute! :)

    1. Thanks Carrie! I kept having to tie the belt but I'm glad I got a couple pics of her in this outfit :)