Sunday, November 23, 2014

#Thankful for Marvelous in my Monday

1. I attempted to try to cook this week while I had all 3 kids by myself. Now, this is the reason we used the crock pot and eat left overs most of the week. I let them play in the pantry while I cooked 2 feet away from them. Ava was even singing Happy Birthday (it sounds more like "Appy sirthday to yuuu" but hey, she tries) and Aiden humming along side her. Now, when I was in the middle of cooking turkey meatballs for the first time, I did not find it so cute that they were making a mess. But looking back at it now and how much fun they had, really? I should let them do this more often : )

2. Mateo (my nephew) adores the twins. He always looks forward to playing with them when he comes over. It might be because he is a year older than Jayden, or the fact that he appreciates them more because he as an only child. It reminds me that having 3 is truly a blessing!

3. Which brings me to my 3 littles. Seriously, most days I can't believe B and I had 3 kids. Our plans included 2. I will say our marriage became stronger when we had Jayden. We felt like a family, finally. I always smile and think that is the reason God blessed us with 3 : )

4. My big boy. When I pick him up from Kindergarten and he sits with all the other kids waiting for his name to be called, I am reminded of how big he really is. Not going to lie that I have gotten teary-eyed of the thought that he is only going to keep getting bigger. Sigh. I was able to attend his Thanksgiving feast at school this past Friday. I'm looking forward to his Christmas program next month!

5. We took family pictures a couple weekends ago. When it was freezing cold outside and we tried our best to layer up. Jayden was freezing!  
Is it really Thanksgiving week already?! So much to be thankful for! I'll start with the reason we celebrate Christmas, Jesus. #sograteful Looking forward to making more memories with my family, our extended families and friends this Holiday season.
What are you thankful for this Holiday season?
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  1. That Christmas photo is just the cutest of all of you! I can't believe my youngest is in Kindergarten and she just turned 6 this week. #sob

    1. Thanks Carrie :) I know it! It's so sad to see them get so big! But yet so cute to see them grow into little "adults" :)