Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our weekend in pictures

We had a busy Saturday, and our first stop was a friend's annual cookie exchange party.

My sister won with "Alfajores" which is a popular Peruvian cookie dessert.

I took Ava with me and daddy stayed with the boys at home.

At the Cookie Party with friends and my sister.

Then we went to a Karate birthday party. The boys had so much fun! Jayden and my nephew and tons of 5-7 year olds got to break boards. The best part before cake and ice cream sundaes!

And before we even started our Saturday with lots of parties, we put up the Christmas tree. Yes, our twinkie tornadoes are planning their plan of attack here.
Definetely, Always on Daddy's Nice List and Santa Loves Aiden : )

In the evening, B and I went to an "adult" Christmas Party! My brother and his girl friend offered to babysit and we left them with the twins asleep and Jayden up for only one hour : ) If you can't tell, I'm a snowman. Lol

And I have been the Nice one this year : )

Silly girl time!

My sweet baby girl helping me make yummy waffles on Sunday morning. She loved helping! I loved baking with my big boy but he is no longer baking with mommy. I asked Ava and she was smiling from ear to ear to help. Jayden did not even notice. Sigh,. He's getting too big!

The waffles were a hit with the twins...

And this is what happens when you leave an almost 17 month old with waffles and honey. It ends up on his hair! We were running late for church that morning, so I wiped his hair down (with a wipe of course) and went to church daycare with hard hair. Mommy fail.

Our tree. With a couch and a container blocking the twinkie tornadoes. For now at least!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We are jammed packed for December but I would not trade it for anything : )

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