Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Guest Post: Double Stroller

Hi guys,
I have Stella from Double Stroller to discuss buying the right jogging stroller. We had a single jogging stroller with Jayden and are on the hunt for a double jogging stroller to fit the twins. It's an awesome workout and it doubles up as your main stroller to use daily.

Points To Be Taken Into Account When Buying The Right Jogging Stroller.

If you were a new parent then you have quite a few things in hand to make a life easy and comfortable for the little child. Amongst the various things that you would need to buy there is no doubt you might also be considering buying a good stroller for your baby. However, for first timers it is quite likely that they would have not have much idea as to what exactly to look for when buying these strollers. Many of them may not also have the idea as to how they work. Therefore, it could not be a bad idea to try and detail some important points that could act as the right jogging stroller guide for those who are buying it for the first time. These Jogging Strollers are available in different prices, specifications, shapes, sizes and designs and therefore you may have to do some research before you actually buy one. They are available both in online stores and also in the brick and mortar stores and you could choose the one which you feel comfortable with.

(This is my cousin's jogging stroller that we used as we try to find the best one for our family. This is one is Schwinn).

However, we will be spending a lot of time trying to find out some important points that should be taken into account while buying a good stroller. First and foremost you have to pay a lot of attention to the wheels. You should be very sure that the wheels are properly assembled that they are able to run straight and run smoothly. If one of the wheels even gets stuck when you are pushing the stroller at a reasonably good pace you might end up with unwanted and avoidable accidents. The wheels should be not only smooth and easily movable but also be made from tough material which can handle stress and strain. The next point that needs to be taken into account is to going for strollers that have a five-point harness which helps the little baby to stay firmly in place even when you are pushing the stroller at reasonably good pace. Further the buckles which make up the Horner’s should be easy they should be easily removable failing which you could have some problems at a later point in time.

There are a few more points that need to be taken into account when you are choosing a stroller for your little one. Breaks are extremely important and you should choose strollers that automatically lock the wheels when break is applied. It would always be better to test the stroller with a sample run and ensure that the breaking system is not only efficient but is also free of sudden jerks which might cause pain and discomfort to the little one. The seat in which the babies and toddlers will be sitting while you push the stroller should also be made of comfortable material and should be durable in nature. You have to keep in mind that seats attract lot of heat and dust and therefore they should be made from material that can withstand stress and strain over long periods of time.

Last but not the least the fabric that goes behind the making of these should also be taken into account and should be looked into very closely. There are different fabrics available and the decision at the end of the day should lie with the parents. You should always look for the fabric that is not only good looking and stylish but it should also be comfortable on the little one. During summer, you should be careful about the fabric because, synthetic fabrics could cause burns and other unwanted injuries to the child which you must avoid under all circumstances.

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